2013’s Best Cucumber & Lemon Water Detox


Here is the simple recipe for the best Detox recipe we posted for all of 2013. Thousands of our readers told us they loved it.

Cucumber and Lemon Water Detox

Detox water – helps you maintain a flat belly, cleans your body of chemical carcinogens and toxins and contributes to an excellent overall feeling of lightness and well-being. Your skin will radiate as well.

To make it use 2 lemons, 1/2 cucumber, and 3 quarts water.

Let it sit overnight outside the refrigerator to create a natural room temparture detox to naturally flush impurities out of your body.

You need both the  lemon and Cucumber combined to assist in the detoxification process.  Lemon alkalizes in the body thus supporting proper pH in the small intestine.  Lemon is a natural anti-microbial detox.

Cucumber naturally reduces inflammation in the body and is effective as a diuretic and detox aid by excretion of wastes through the kidneys, thus avoiding your body’s need to purge waste through your skin. Rich in Potassium, Sodium and phosphorous, any form of cucumber, either as a juice or in its natural state will effectively neutralize blood acidosis. ….To your good health.

For optimum benefit drink this healthy detox one day each month as I do. Do not eat food that day except for the detox drink and your supplements of  Ultimate Flora Pro Biotic,  and Juice Plus Vegetable-Vineyard capsules.


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